How it works

Behind the scenes

We offer a wide range of fresh produce (over 4000 different products), organic & local produce have a special place in our hearts! Choosing Califrais for your daily procurement of fresh produce significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We deliver all your produce in a single delivery and our vans run on natural gas!

All our sales & account managers travel on electric scooters! In addition, we are paperless! All invoices and delivery slips are available online.

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Our service


A single delivery & one point of contact for all questions and needs!

Time saver

A single invoice every 10 days (instead of one per delivery): your accountant will be happy!


Order all your produce online before midnight, for next day delivery


Place orders with multiple Rungis wholesalers from the Califrais platform: save even more time!


Take advantage of all our advanced tools: control your purchases and optimize your expenses with our analysis and prediction modules


Benefit from our expertise in sourcing the highest quality produce: organic, locally sourced & competitively priced


We deliver a wide range of organic and local produce with our natural gas powered vans


Traceability 2.0

We guarantee transparency regarding the condition and origins of our produce. We track the condition, temperature and quality of all our goods.

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