How we work

Discover the workings of the Califrais service!

Among the wide range of products we offer, organic and local products have an important and dear place in our hearts. In addition, the simple fact of choosing Califrais as your partner for your daily procurement significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, due to a single delivery for all products - and even more so with trucks running on natural gas.

We also follow a paperless policy: all documents are dematerialized and accessible directly on the platform; and all sales representatives and account managers travel by electric scooter.

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A unique service


A single delivery and a single contact person to listen to you: a considerable time saver recognized by all our customers


A single invoice every 10 days instead of 6 per day on average: reduce your costs and benefit from our accounting solutions


Order all your products for the next day at retail until midnight: put an end to supply constraints



Order free of charge from your (potential) other suppliers from the Califrais platform: save even more time!



Take advantage of all our advanced tools: control your purchases and optimize your expenses with our analysis and prediction modules


Our sourcing expertise allows us to include in our offer a wide selection of organic, labelled or locally sourced products


The ordered goods are delivered to the kitchen using our fleet of natural gas trucks


Traceability 2.0

We guarantee a unique transparency regarding the condition of the products during their journey, such as their position or temperature

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