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Califrais provides chefs with access to the freshest & highest quality produce available on the market. Our expertise enables Tristan and his team to advise and support our clients in their daily procurement, whilst building a relationship of trust with our customers.

Califrais is committed to the quality of its produce!

We offer a wide range of organic, locally produced and sourced produce to meet your needs. Our prices are competitive, available in real time on our website with the origin of each product. We also offer on-time and custom deliveries straight into your kitchen!
Tristan Daspre-Guilhem, Customer Relationship Manager

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Ross Lawrence, COO


Pierre, Simon and Ross started Califrais based on a common vision and values! Helping chefs and restaurant owners in their daily procurement of fresh produce in an environmentally friendly way.

Ordering from Califrais means a reduction in your environmental impact by pooling all your orders and deliveries into one. Our customers can order a wide range of produce, including locally grown, in a single order with one delivery in our natural gas powered delivery vans.

Our Producers

Whole milk from Ferme des Loges

Non-homogenized whole milk that delights the best Barristas with its smooth bubble-free foam and a taste that perfectly matches any type of specialty coffee.

Brie's Split Peas

Since 1997, Ferolles' farm has been offering dried vegetables and cereals processed in an environmentally friendly way, using a strict conservation farming technique.

The Shitaké mushroom from France

Known in France as Lentin de Chêne the fleshy delicately-perfumed mushroom is very popular. The origin varies according to season from Brittany to the Rhine and the Massif Central.

Italian smoked Scarmozza

Made by a collective of local producers on the outskirts of Capua, Italy, this Italian string cheese is smoked with wood or straw and is a delicious addition to a gourmet pizza or a sweet and sour tomato soup.

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