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Pierre has always been in love with good products and passionate about cooking. His experience in the Rungis market and his entrepreneurial ambition enabled him to quickly identify the issues that catering professionals were facing on a daily basis.

We started with a simple observation: the supply of fresh produce is not an easy task and can quickly become a restaurateur's pet peeve. Often it means a lack of ordering flexibility, complex processes and the need to develop relationships with a number of suppliers. Califrais eliminates these friction points by being the main digital and logistical entry point of Rungis market.

Our vision

Using state-of-the-art technology, our R&D team develops new tools to optimize all the flows of the Rungis International Market. Our principal objectives are to provide a reliable service, obtain the best product at the best price, optimize the clients buying experience, and to ensure on time error free deliveries.

Our product experts advise chefs on how to develop their menus and introduce them to new Rungis market's products. Equally they are always ready to enrich Califrais’ offer to meet customers’ requests.

We offer a procurement solution that aims to address environmental concerns. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of organic and locally produced products. Our fleet of trucks run on natural gas and our sales representatives use electric scooters. Furthermore, we have adopted a paperless policy and all documents are provided online.

Pierre Levy, CEO

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