The Lab

We invest in the latest technological advancements to develop a unique service

To be able to guarantee our level of service while supporting strong growth, we have created a Machine Learning (ML) research laboratory. This branch of artificial intelligence has undergone a major transformation over the past two decades, particularly with the development of new methods of large-scale inference - i.e. when a large number of variables are observed simultaneously.

This recent development stems from the need to process large volumes of data that flow in large quantities into many areas. It is thanks to the ever-increasing volume of data (the famous big data), the new techniques for processing this data and the computing power of computers that immense technological advances are expected.

Califrais generates data that is as diverse as it is rich and complex. In the logistics and supply chain sectors, recent (and future!) machine learning techniques could well disrupt the level of service as we understand it today, by offering personalized recommendation and management strategies, by working in anticipation rather than in curation, by optimizing internal operational processes to limit the risks of adverse events, while reducing the overall cost.
Simon Bussy, CTO

Increase in customer satisfaction

Custom recommendation engines

Reduction of operational costs

Inventory optimization

Risk management

Modeling and prediction of product prices

Industrialization of processes

Growth Hacking and Acquisition

Since its launch, Califrais has developed its own algorithms, which today represents a significant competitive advantage. In a context of strong growth, the management and optimization of these algorithms and the development of new tools are strategic challenges. The projects are numerous, exciting, and involve all the company's activities (product, UX, acquisition, sourcing, etc.). The richness of data, the diversity of projects and the expertise in Machine Learning make Califrais one of the best Data Science playgrounds in France.

Involved fields of studies

Time series analysis

Reinforcement learning

High-dimensional statistics

Survival analysis

Natural language processing

Deep learning

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